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Two Different Realms…

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

For my last assignment I decided to do the “Common Everyday Object” that is meant to take a picture of a common everyday object and then to manipulate the colors. While a rose may not be an every day object, it is still something we see everyday in our lives. Especcially in the fast paced lives we live, sometimes we do not get the chance to appreciate a single beautiful flower for the joy or simplicity it may bring.

I chose this picture initially

Touch Of Sun

After manipulating the colors using Gimp…this is the final result. It was really hard to learn all the tools in Gimp. But one of my good friends actually was exploring with it and came upon the tool that allowed us to do this. Shout out to Schulz! ūüėČ


“Do you like…cheese?”

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

This assignment is the “Four Icon Challenge”. One simply picks a movie and picks only four icons that represent the movie, that are all visual, and no text. This sounds really simple. However, I found it to be somewhat complicated. The execution of this assignment was not my difficult part, but rather the thinking process of it. I could not think of a movie that I could cut into four icons. When I had come up with a movie, I realized I took icons that resembled what I remembered from the movie. However, what I remembered from the movie…was simply only what I, myself remembered. So I then, took a different approach and looked at the movie as a whole. The movie I chose, is one of my all-time favorites! She’s The Man!

shes the man

That’s me!…but wait…no its not!

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

This assignment is the “We’ve Found Your Match”

I initially started with my friend Tristrian. When I first met him a couple years ago, he had braids and we always used to say he looked like this one R&B singer named, Trey Songz. Ironically, when Trey Songz ended up cutting his braids off…Tristrian happened to have cut his off around the same time (trust me, that was not on purpose). They ended up looking even more alike! check it out for yourself, the braids picture is the one attached.


I actually found this project to be fun because, if someone has a celebrity look-a-like it always comes up in conversation. But that will be as far as it goes; a conversation and a couple jokes here and there. However, this assignment let me actually take the two people and post their pictures adjacent to one another and compare the two. I contacted both of my friends in this photo and asked them if I had there permission to put up the photo. Even though this blog is probably only being viewed by 10 or so people and for the sake of this class; it is still a pre-caution I think is necessary to take.

I also added another photo of my friend Tiara from high school. She looks ALOT like Tisha Campbell-Martin, who is a famous Hollywood. She’s had leading roles in comedy sitcoms such as Martin and My Wife and Kids.



Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Initially I had planned on doing my four visual assignments on, “The Big Caption”, “On This Day”, “Newspaper Blackout Story”, “Buddy Photo” or “Find Yourself”. After a good five or six days of working on these assignments, I’ve changed my mind about three or four times. I have great ideas (atleast I think they’re pretty creative) that would be great for many of the assignments. However, transforming them from ideas to actual completed projects on the computer…is harder than I thought. I never had my “buddy (object)” with me whenever I went somewhere and always thought about it when I was either at home or in the car…heading home. So essentially, it did no good.

I ended up changing my 4 assignment selections to “The Big Caption”, “We’ve Found Your Match”, “The Four Icon Challenge” and “The Common Everyday Object”. The “We’ve Found Your Match” is a picture of someone you may know and a celebrity. Once the pictures are put side by side, you should be able to see the similarities between the two people. “The Four Icon Challenge” is to simply sum up a movie in four icons. There should be no writing, but all images.

Changing up my assignments a few days before it’s due is something I am not too worried about because I still enjoy the assignments I have chosen, so even though the assignment change was unpredictable, I look forward to completing these assignments as well.

Not So Powerless Children

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

When I initially saw this title, Cruelty of Children, I pictured something completely different. I honestly thought this episode of This American Life would have been about cruelty towards children; abuse, domestic violence, etc. But instead, in each story it was a child who had power and controlled the emotions (and with one story-the life) of another person.

The story about the powerless man stuck in the well, is one of the most unfortunate stores I’ve ever heard. It boggles me that these children would not help the man. It’s quite interesting because normally in our society children are the ones that are being dominated. They are being told what to do and how to act in school and at home. So, one would think even in this situation the children would listen to the man when he tells them to go ask for help. He gives them specific directions about what to do. And yet, they don’t go to get help. They bring him food, and talk to him. But they ultimately leave him without any real help. ¬†The interpretation that I can possibly come up with is that the children are so used to being directed what to do. Every question has a pre-determined answer. However, at this time, they decided what to do.

The third story about the way children exclude others, and have a ranking and superiority system even in elementary school is something that really hurts to see. I honestly can not stand to see children be excluded, picked on, bullied, or made fun of. I think the rule the teacher declared was great. Teachers spend more than 8 hours a day on average with their student. Ironically thats about the same amount of time the child spends with their parent. As much as people argue that it is not the teachers duty to teach values and such. Social institutions, especially an educational institution, serves the purpose of teaching and preparing the students for life outside of the classroom. This includes character behavior and life skills.

On this This American Life episode, I was taken by surprise by the content of the episode, but none the less it was very interesting. This was my second episode and I have to say, these are more interesting than I thought it would be. ¬†While I was listening to the first one, I thought I really would not be able to pay attention because I am a more visual learner and by only listening to audio, I didnt think I’d be able to concentrate as much. But with the¬†enthusiasm¬†and the interesting content, This American Life definitely grabs my attention and keeps me interested!

The Big Caption

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The first assignment I completed was The Big Caption, by taking a photo and adding my own comment/text to it and changing its meaning. I initially was not sure if my caption would be inappropriate, but after some discussion, I decided to submit the picture. For the record, I have no intention whatsoever to offend, hurt, or disrespect anyone. But, rather I decided to take a humorous approach to this event.


Alumni, Athletics, Alcohol

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

They say majority of party schools have a large population, a football team, a big fraternity life, amongst other factors. I, myself, used to attend a university that did not have a large population, but had a very successful football team, and big fraternity life. The tailgates had more students participating, compared to how many students attending the actual football game. The routine was everyone stays until halftime, and then leave to go drink more and prepare for the night festivities. In the This American Life segment, I saw the exact same patterns. It truly does not really surprise me that this is the atmosphere of the colleges. Girls are dressed more than half naked, people become public urinators, the community gets trashed, and so on.

This American Life did however enlighten me on how much businesses in the area and the community are affected by the college life, drinking, partying, and so on. The business’s profits and customer visits rely on whether or not the school football teams wins. The residents in the community deal with a lot of property¬†trespassing, vandalizing, on top of many other¬†unnecessary¬†actions. One of the fathers in the community was walking around his neighborhood and saw some of the fraternity brothers throwing furniture into the street and then lighting it on fire. To be young and have fun is one thing, but to be¬†reckless, immature, unsafe, and to act is if there is no functioning brain in any of those participants is another.

One of the main concerns with the university was that, every year there is a new batch of freshman that want to¬†experiment¬†and live the same lifestyle as the class before. However, this faces the university staff, faculty, police department, and the community in a predicament. All the lectures, articles, interventions, must be done again. However, in my humble opinion, I don’t beleive it ever gets old. Telling the tragic story of how a young college student lost their life to alcohol¬†poisoning¬†is never an easy subject to casually talk about.

Laying the creativity on the table…

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

This week for class, we must choose 4 visual and design assignments to complete. I’ve always admired the logos, catchy phrases and pictures companies, movie¬†advertisements, and¬†businesses¬†come up with. I will do my best to not take the easy way out and pick whatever I feel may be easy for me. Atleast two of my projects will be challenging ones to me. Trust me, you’ll find that I’m not the most tech-savy person you meet.

I’ve come across some assignments that I think are really interesting and also a little challenging. For instance, under the Visual link, I really like the Find Yourself assignment; where I would find the letters of my name in my community, on the street, in a restaurant, etc. The Stranger Portraits assignment seems really interesting; where I would take a picture of a stranger everyday for a week and then put them all together and portray a deeper meaning for each portrait. However, since their is a time constraint, I will most likely do that one on the side for fun and pick a different visual assignment.

As far as the Design assignments go, I LOVE the On This Day assignment. Every time I go to (which is multiple times a day) I am always so curious to see what the image for google will be. They change often, if not everyday, depending on the history of that particular day and what important event occurred. I’ve always thought about my own Google logo if I could make one. Now, that I have the opportunity, I definitely am looking forward to it! The Big Caption , also caught my attention. I’ll take a photo and change the message of the photo by adding text to it. I did look into the What the Font? assignment, and it looks very cool, however, that one would be a challenging one for me, that will most likely take longer for me. I absolutely plan to complete that project, but maybe after more than just one week of class :-).

So overall, I’ll be doing, the Find Yourself, On This Day, The Big Caption, and either the Newspaper Blackout story, or the Buddy Photo.

I’ll be posting my completed visual and design assignments on here, so feel free to check it out, comment and critique! ENJOY!


Friday, May 20th, 2011

Rainbow Inspiration:


Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I have realized over the years how old-fashioned of a girl I am. I think rotary phones are so precious and wish to have one in my own house when I get older. I absolutely love reading and going to Barnes and Nobles for hours and browsing through the books. I will always pick writing hand-written letters over emails, a phone call, or a text. I will be the girl you see sitting on the porch reading a book, or simply staring out into the world and enjoying the rainfall.

However, it is through the readings, videos and discussion from my digital storytelling class, that I have realized, to be old-fashioned is fine. However, to ignore the new technology is only creating a larger understanding, relating, and knowledge gap for myself. So, while I will still continue to write letters, and buy hardback books instead of having one simple electronic device that can virtually hold my whole library, I will make a conscious effort to continue to be interactive with the new technology and all the innovations that come along with it.