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They say majority of party schools have a large population, a football team, a big fraternity life, amongst other factors. I, myself, used to attend a university that did not have a large population, but had a very successful football team, and big fraternity life. The tailgates had more students participating, compared to how many students attending the actual football game. The routine was everyone stays until halftime, and then leave to go drink more and prepare for the night festivities. In the This American Life segment, I saw the exact same patterns. It truly does not really surprise me that this is the atmosphere of the colleges. Girls are dressed more than half naked, people become public urinators, the community gets trashed, and so on.

This American Life did however enlighten me on how much businesses in the area and the community are affected by the college life, drinking, partying, and so on. The business’s profits and customer visits rely on whether or not the school football teams wins. The residents in the community deal with a lot of property trespassing, vandalizing, on top of many other unnecessary actions. One of the fathers in the community was walking around his neighborhood and saw some of the fraternity brothers throwing furniture into the street and then lighting it on fire. To be young and have fun is one thing, but to be reckless, immature, unsafe, and to act is if there is no functioning brain in any of those participants is another.

One of the main concerns with the university was that, every year there is a new batch of freshman that want to experiment and live the same lifestyle as the class before. However, this faces the university staff, faculty, police department, and the community in a predicament. All the lectures, articles, interventions, must be done again. However, in my humble opinion, I don’t beleive it ever gets old. Telling the tragic story of how a young college student lost their life to alcohol poisoning is never an easy subject to casually talk about.


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  1. Egregious! My favorite word ever! (to be honest, I did not read this post or the full comments. I scrolled, realized I wasn’t in the mood to read, but saw the word EGREGIOUS and had to comment!)

  2. zahmed says:

    good post aqsa 🙂 yea this stuff is EGREGIOUS.

  3. mburtis says:

    I think the thing that struck me most when I listened to this episode for the first time was how insidious the problem was. TAL does a great job of showing how the very economy and community of Happy Valley is dependent on the alcohol consumption at the University. Changing cultural norms that are that deeply ingrained into the atmosphere seems almost impossible.

    Also, do you know that right now you have comments set so that someone has to be logged into (and a registered member of) UMW Blogs. In order to get feedback/comments from everyone in the class, I’d recommend making the comments open — you can always moderate them if something shows up that you don’t want to appear on your site.