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Final Blog for DS106

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Digital Storytelling-DS 106 with Martha Burtis. Wow. This class was not what I expected. The first impression I had of the class was when I received that Email from Martha before the course began. I thought I was going to be DOOMED! “This class is very technology intensive”…that was just the beginning of the email. As i continued to read through I thought maybe, just maybe I should not take this class. However, I must say I am absolutely GRATEFUL and GLAD, I stayed in this class.

Our projects were all better than what I expected. I always say it is one thing to learn from a book without applying it. And it’s another to learn from applying and executing first. We could have learned about cutting and trimming in the Audacity program from a textbook, or learned about our visual and design projects through a powerpoint. But to actually go through and explore the programs and make mistakes and learn from them was a process that could not be taught through any textbook! I enjoyed every single project. I won’t lie, I mean I was absolutely frustrated at times, but it was all worth it!

I honestly do not know what my strongest project might be. I feel that there are a couple I did well on, but at the same time there were always improvements I could have made. I did enjoy the cutting and trimming in Audacity for our radio show project, as well as the cutting and editing for the Digital Video. That was one of my stronger points in this class. If I had more time I would DEFINITLEY figure out the equalizer for the Radio segment I did with a class mate. I enjoyed making the radio segment, but really wish I had more time to fix the little bugs.

Future DS106 members! Be prepared to have finished an entire assignment and as your getting ready to turn it in, you come up with the most amazing thought for that same assignment. It’s quite frustrating but it is a bitter sweet feeling. You think of a great idea and you realize you really learned alot and can put to use what you have learned, but then it’s too late to have done that assignment. Other than that, really try on every assignment and enjoy it! THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WILL LEARN AND APPLY IN LIFE AGAIN!

Digital Storytelling at first I thought was self explanatory-telling a story digitally. But after learning the various ways that a story may be told through different mediums; the process in which the story is told makes each story unique. I did not realize how many videos I see in one day can be considered a digital storytelling video. Commericals, Trailers, random YouTube videos were all digital stories. The lessons I have learned in this class will absolutely aide me from here on out. In my first post, I spoke on how much of an old fashioned girl I was. I still write hand-written letters, love a gentleman, and many other things. But after getting a twitter, Flickr, and having a blog and keeping up with it daily, I realized how much technology can really enhance one’s own capability. I never thought I would ever do videos and audio clips and assignments such as the ones we’ve had…and to do them successfully (pats myself on the back).

Thank you Martha! Thank you to my classmates in this class, we had a great little group!  Martha, you are a great professor and educator! You were always so nice and willing to help, definitely made class entertaining and fun, and added a great sense of humor. I am really glad I took this class, and stayed with it! Definitely one of the best college courses I took. Period!

The Shades of Arlington

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

For my final project, I chose to do a color scheme digital video. The video shows numerous pictures that follow the order of RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO PURPLE and PINK.  I really enjoyed this assignment, I had fun taking the pictures and editing them. The frustrating part was finding a song to go with it, as well as determining what would be a good length for the video. The slides were each 1.5 seconds long, but I did not want to just keep throwing in more pictures to make it longer. Other than that, I really enjoyed the project, but felt that it came out different than I wanted it to. I’m happy with my final result, but think that I might try this again one day and really make the result that I matches my first vision of what I wanted…but don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time making this and am happy with the work that I accomplished. 🙂

drum roll please…

bbbrrr bbbrrrrr bbbrrrrrrrrr

“Separation” of Church and State

Monday, June 13th, 2011

In God We Trust, the Pledge of Allegiance, Birth Control…

All common everyday practices that are under critisicm under the ideas of separation of church and state. I, myself, have always been confused on where the United States of America truly stands on this principle. It was really interesting to know that the phrase Seperation of Church and State is found nowhere in the First Ammendment, but was actually only written in a letter to/from Thomas Jefferson. While it may not be said in the Constitution itself, it has become a principle in government and the way society is run today. However, there are so many practices that contradict that very phrase. One thing I have always wondered is, in court, people must put their left hand on the Bible and raise their right hand, and this would indiciate that the person on the stand must tell the truth. However, what if someone is a different religion that doesn’t follow the Bible. I myself, am a muslim, and beleive in the Noble Quran. If I needed to go to court, would I put my left hand on the Noble Quran and raise my right hand?

The second story was really interesting. She really as grasped by the idea of god and evolution. Her Hitler reference was really good to make an empathic reaction to Hitler only day. Her story was really interesting. Her journey between the truth is attention grabbing. When she begins to wonder about Hitler and her brother Mike who had passed away, it really caught me by surprise. I was already focusing but when she brought up those memories, I was really intrigued. She goes onto realize, that one day, like us all, we and she will all pass away. I feel that there comes a time, no matter how religious the person may be, they question to understand their own religion or others; not in a disrespectful way, but more so in an understanding way.

This was a really interesting episode. I actually did not lose focus and was rather interested in the content of the show. It was interesting to hear other people’s opinions on religion and how it is intertwined with society. I actually learned alot with this episode, and even though this addressed many issues many Americans deal with today, I do not think this argument of Separation of Church and State will be resolved soon. There would be so many necessary changes to our society that would be, nearly impossible to change.

Final Project

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

For my final digital video project I have decided to make a video that shows the colors from black to yellow, fading out from color to color. All the images would be of objects or things in nature. They would vary from buildings to flowers to people’s clothing to cars. My goal for this project is to succesfully make a video that shows the gradual change in color. And to do it well hopefully.

I’m not sure what movie program I would use yet, because I have a PC. I’m thinking I might have to download something most likely. Hopefully this project won’t be as frustrating, but just as or more fun and interesting.

Switched at Birth…?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The fourth This American Life episode, Switched at Birth, was very interesting. Not only is there a new show on ABC family called “Switched at Birth”, but it was also the episode we were to watch this week. It is absolutely mind boggling and upsetting to me that this really occurs way more than it should (it shouldn’t happen). Granted, we are all humans that make mistakes, but…to be switched in the hospital and go home with the wrong family…wow. In this particular episode, the fact that one of the mothers had an instinct from so early on is crazy. I truly can not even begin to fathom the idea of knowing this may not be my child. And then to find out her prediction was true in the end, I can’t imagine how she felt.

I remember when my little brother was born, as soon as the nurse took him out of the delivery room, my father followed the nurse to make sure 1. my brother was okay, 2. my brother came home with us. For the mother in the episode that knew all along that this wasn’t her daughter. I really don’t understand why she didn’t take further action. It’s not like she brought home the wrong color sweater or the wrong size of a pair of jeans. But rather, she brought home SOMEONE ELSE’S child! and SOMEONE ELSE had HER CHILD. I really don’t know how she could have done it all those years. Interesting This American Life episode this week.


Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The Daily Shoot becomes the DAILY FUCK-UP. excuse my language. First, I wanted this page to basically be the moments one has when something happens and our first thought is “AH! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?” I put together pictures of various moments, such as a bad haircut, misspelled tattoo, mismatching socks, etc. Unfortunately, some of my moments weren’t able to be expressed in photos. Well, they definitely could but I did not want to be in every picture animating what was going on. Second, my frustration began with this project towards the end. I really liked my idea and was really into it. I wanted to make all 30 images. But then I accidentally made the window go back and lost all the data I had on the original page. I just had my own FUCK UP moment. I then realized that i had a good 12 more photos to change, but was scared I would lose ALL the content I just had. So unfortunately, my page is missing a couple photos that pertain to a FUCK UP moment.

I really wish I had more time to finish this project. It was really cool and a great idea. Granted, it was frustrating at times, but it was challenging and so interesting that I wanted to keep going and problem solve.

That ‘someone’ surely was not me.

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Rationalize the Killings to get rid of the guilt. That is the line that stuck with me throughout this whole third episode of This American Life, Recordings for Someone. It thought the third act with the Persian/Gulf war Veteran was pretty interesting. I always knew that within a war…ofcourse there is bloodshed and deaths. But to hear the mindset and point of view of a solder, is pretty interesting.

It’s crazy how when one voice message, story, or whatever it maybe that was initially intended for only one person; it actually ends up on the air for hundreds of thousands to listen to. I thought the story at the end was very cute and precious and thoughtful honestly.

This recent TAL espisode was not the most captitaving, while don’t get me wrong. It was definitely memorable, But i think the other episodes just happened to grab my attention more.

…It’s more than just running your mouth.

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Today we turned in our segment about our ‘Doggy Days of Summer’ for the class radio show. I worked with Zarar for this assignment, and I have to say it was great working with him! (owagadugu 🙂 ) HOWEVER, this assignment was very frustrating in the beginning. I initially had a good time doing the small sound project. That was fun, and pretty interesting.  But starting off doing the bumper…was horrible, frustrating and took longer than I expected. I initially had one idea, but then had trouble finding those sound clips. I then moved onto the next idea, and while it was easier to find clips, it was harder to actually come up and finish it. Then to also think it’s a good idea and get it to flow well…also hard! I originally thought the bumper would have taken me maybe 30 minutes. Boy, was I wrong. It took me over an hour and a half to complete it!

The interviews were pretty simple and not that hard, but editing them was the difficult part. I actually enjoyed cutting and trimming and pasting, but the time crunch was what was going against me. I wanted to take out every “umm” and “aaannndddd” but knew that there was only so much time left. One of my main concerns was scared Zarar and I would not have enough material to cover the minimum of 10 minutes. However, after the editing, we realized we had too much! Our total time in the beginning before editing the whole thing was around 16 minutes. After major editing we got it down to around 12 or 13 minutes. It’s very hard, because sometimes we felt that we had so much to incorporate, but when going back, it’s easy to realize how much we really did not need.

Our major problem was the fact that the audio sound is not equal amongst the show. At some times, the show is loud and can be heard easily. While at other times (the interviews) sometimes, the voices may sound a bit fainter. We tried exploring somewhat with the equalizer, but we could not get it to work. We had some really good content, I hope you guys are able to hear it! Although we realized, it’s easier to hear on a headset rather than with naked ears.

Overall, this project was something I am absolutely glad I stuck with and accomplished. While it was a pain going through it, I am glad we survived!

All this blabbering and talking finally paid off

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

For this weeks assignment on creating our own radio segment for the DS 106 class, the topic/theme of our radio show is “Doggy Days of Summer.” This refers to the scorching hot days of that summer vacation. For this project, Zarar and I will be working together to come up with our own 10 minute segment.

Our show will be a ten minute interactive, entertaining dialogue between Zarar and I about the “Doggy Days of Summer“. We will feature clips of summer’s hottest songs over the years and interview various people enduring these blazing days of summer! Follow along and find another way to cool down this weekend!

Dinner is more than looking and tasting your meal…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

This is my first time ever working with Audacity or any other sound device. Initially, it was difficult to get started because I had never used Audacity before. But after some help from a classmate and playing around with the cut and paste option, I finally got some what of a hang to it.  The following is my audio piece about cooking dinner. It starts at the grocery store and ends with the timer bell going off, inferring that dinner is ready. Enjoy!

Final 2 by aqsaazzafar