Dinner is more than looking and tasting your meal…

This is my first time ever working with Audacity or any other sound device. Initially, it was difficult to get started because I had never used Audacity before. But after some help from a classmate and playing around with the cut and paste option, I finally got some what of a hang to it.  The following is my audio piece about cooking dinner. It starts at the grocery store and ends with the timer bell going off, inferring that dinner is ready. Enjoy!

Final 2 by aqsaazzafar


2 Responses to “Dinner is more than looking and tasting your meal…”

  1. Jenna says:

    this is so good I can’t believe you made this having only used audacity once!

  2. mburtis says:

    Nicely done! For your first time working with Audacity, this is a great first piece! I’m looking forward to hearing your radio segment!