…It’s more than just running your mouth.

Today we turned in our segment about our ‘Doggy Days of Summer’ for the class radio show. I worked with Zarar for this assignment, and I have to say it was great working with him! (owagadugu 🙂 ) HOWEVER, this assignment was very frustrating in the beginning. I initially had a good time doing the small sound project. That was fun, and pretty interesting.  But starting off doing the bumper…was horrible, frustrating and took longer than I expected. I initially had one idea, but then had trouble finding those sound clips. I then moved onto the next idea, and while it was easier to find clips, it was harder to actually come up and finish it. Then to also think it’s a good idea and get it to flow well…also hard! I originally thought the bumper would have taken me maybe 30 minutes. Boy, was I wrong. It took me over an hour and a half to complete it!

The interviews were pretty simple and not that hard, but editing them was the difficult part. I actually enjoyed cutting and trimming and pasting, but the time crunch was what was going against me. I wanted to take out every “umm” and “aaannndddd” but knew that there was only so much time left. One of my main concerns was scared Zarar and I would not have enough material to cover the minimum of 10 minutes. However, after the editing, we realized we had too much! Our total time in the beginning before editing the whole thing was around 16 minutes. After major editing we got it down to around 12 or 13 minutes. It’s very hard, because sometimes we felt that we had so much to incorporate, but when going back, it’s easy to realize how much we really did not need.

Our major problem was the fact that the audio sound is not equal amongst the show. At some times, the show is loud and can be heard easily. While at other times (the interviews) sometimes, the voices may sound a bit fainter. We tried exploring somewhat with the equalizer, but we could not get it to work. We had some really good content, I hope you guys are able to hear it! Although we realized, it’s easier to hear on a headset rather than with naked ears.

Overall, this project was something I am absolutely glad I stuck with and accomplished. While it was a pain going through it, I am glad we survived!

2 Responses to “…It’s more than just running your mouth.”

  1. Dana says:

    Can’t wait to here it!

  2. zahmed says:

    haha well I’ll have to agree with everything she just said. Sums up the experience to the point! But even through all the troubles, it hopefully turns out great! 🙂