That ‘someone’ surely was not me.

Rationalize the Killings to get rid of the guilt. That is the line that stuck with me¬†throughout¬†this whole third episode of This American Life, Recordings for Someone. It thought the third act with the Persian/Gulf war Veteran was pretty interesting. I always knew that within a war…ofcourse there is bloodshed and deaths. But to hear the mindset and point of view of a solder, is pretty interesting.

It’s crazy how when one voice message, story, or whatever it maybe that was initially intended for only one person; it actually ends up on the air for hundreds of thousands to listen to. I thought the story at the end was very cute and precious and thoughtful honestly.

This recent TAL espisode was not the most captitaving, while don’t get me wrong. It was definitely memorable, But i think the other episodes just happened to grab my attention more.


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