The Daily Shoot becomes the DAILY FUCK-UP. excuse my language. First, I wanted this page to basically be the moments one has when something happens and our first thought is “AH! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?” I put together pictures of various moments, such as a bad haircut, misspelled tattoo, mismatching socks, etc. Unfortunately, some of my moments weren’t able to be expressed in photos. Well, they definitely could but I did not want to be in every picture animating what was going on. Second, my frustration began with this project towards the end. I really liked my idea and was really into it. I wanted to make all 30 images. But then I accidentally made the window go back and lost all the data I had on the original page. I just had my own FUCK UP moment. I then realized that i had a good 12 more photos to change, but was scared I would lose ALL the content I just had. So unfortunately, my page is missing a couple photos that pertain to a FUCK UP moment.

I really wish I had more time to finish this project. It was really cool and a great idea. Granted, it was frustrating at times, but it was challenging and so interesting that I wanted to keep going and problem solve.

One Response to “THE DAILY FUCK-UP”

  1. mburtis says:

    This was a great idea. Substituting out images can be tricky, so kudos to you for giving it a try — and making it work on most of them!

    The biggest challenge with this assignment is the danger of clicking on something and losing all your work. I keep hoping some add-on will be created for Firebug that makes it easier to save your work!

    But, given those challenges, this is nice work!