Final Project

For my final digital video project I have decided to make a video that shows the colors from black to yellow, fading out from color to color. All the images would be of objects or things in nature. They would vary from buildings to flowers to people’s clothing to cars. My goal for this project is to succesfully make a video that shows the gradual change in color. And to do it well hopefully.

I’m not sure what movie program I would use yet, because I have a PC. I’m thinking I might have to download something most likely. Hopefully this project won’t be as frustrating, but just as or more fun and interesting.

One Response to “Final Project”

  1. mburtis says:

    I love this idea! It’s abstract but I think could be very visually compelling. I think there is a flickr search tool somewhere online that lets you search by color — you might want to hunt it down!