The Shades of Arlington

For my final project, I chose to do a color scheme digital video. The video shows numerous pictures that follow the order of RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO PURPLE and PINK.  I really enjoyed this assignment, I had fun taking the pictures and editing them. The frustrating part was finding a song to go with it, as well as determining what would be a good length for the video. The slides were each 1.5 seconds long, but I did not want to just keep throwing in more pictures to make it longer. Other than that, I really enjoyed the project, but felt that it came out different than I wanted it to. I’m happy with my final result, but think that I might try this again one day and really make the result that I matches my first vision of what I wanted…but don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time making this and am happy with the work that I accomplished. 🙂

drum roll please…

bbbrrr bbbrrrrr bbbrrrrrrrrr

4 Responses to “The Shades of Arlington”

  1. Aqsa says:

    Thanks you guys 🙂
    Martha- Ya I took majority of the photos in Arlington, specifically south Arlington and a place called Shirlington (a little town/area in Arlington). However, a couple photos did come from the creative commons group and the internet.

  2. mburtis says:

    I really love how this turned out. Did you take many of the pictures or did you find them online? I was curious since the title is Shades of Arlington. I was wondering if you took them around town up there.

  3. zahmed says:

    good work homie! you’ve made strides in your tech-savvyness, proud of you 🙂 lol. But this really was a good idea, and very creative.

  4. Dana says:

    This is so pretty!! What an awesome idea…I feel like there is a lot of underlying social commentary within each image that adds to the project…A picture is worth a thousand words!…And apparently colors are, too! Great job!