Final Blog for DS106

Digital Storytelling-DS 106 with Martha Burtis. Wow. This class was not what I expected. The first impression I had of the class was when I received that Email from Martha before the course began. I thought I was going to be DOOMED! “This class is very technology intensive”…that was just the beginning of the email. As i continued to read through I thought maybe, just maybe I should not take this class. However, I must say I am absolutely GRATEFUL and GLAD, I stayed in this class.

Our projects were all better than what I expected. I always say it is one thing to learn from a book without applying it. And it’s another to learn from applying and executing first. We could have learned about cutting and trimming in the Audacity program from a textbook, or learned about our visual and design projects through a powerpoint. But to actually go through and explore the programs and make mistakes and learn from them was a process that could not be taught through any textbook! I enjoyed every single project. I won’t lie, I mean I was absolutely frustrated at times, but it was all worth it!

I honestly do not know what my strongest project might be. I feel that there are a couple I did well on, but at the same time there were always improvements I could have made. I did enjoy the cutting and trimming in Audacity for our radio show project, as well as the cutting and editing for the Digital Video. That was one of my stronger points in this class. If I had more time I would DEFINITLEY figure out the equalizer for the Radio segment I did with a class mate. I enjoyed making the radio segment, but really wish I had more time to fix the little bugs.

Future DS106 members! Be prepared to have finished an entire assignment and as your getting ready to turn it in, you come up with the most amazing thought for that same assignment. It’s quite frustrating but it is a bitter sweet feeling. You think of a great idea and you realize you really learned alot and can put to use what you have learned, but then it’s too late to have done that assignment. Other than that, really try on every assignment and enjoy it! THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WILL LEARN AND APPLY IN LIFE AGAIN!

Digital Storytelling at first I thought was self explanatory-telling a story digitally. But after learning the various ways that a story may be told through different mediums; the process in which the story is told makes each story unique. I did not realize how many videos I see in one day can be considered a digital storytelling video. Commericals, Trailers, random YouTube videos were all digital stories. The lessons I have learned in this class will absolutely aide me from here on out. In my first post, I spoke on how much of an old fashioned girl I was. I still write hand-written letters, love a gentleman, and many other things. But after getting a twitter, Flickr, and having a blog and keeping up with it daily, I realized how much technology can really enhance one’s own capability. I never thought I would ever do videos and audio clips and assignments such as the ones we’ve had…and to do them successfully (pats myself on the back).

Thank you Martha! Thank you to my classmates in this class, we had a great little group!  Martha, you are a great professor and educator! You were always so nice and willing to help, definitely made class entertaining and fun, and added a great sense of humor. I am really glad I took this class, and stayed with it! Definitely one of the best college courses I took. Period!

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  1. Jenna P says:

    hahaha seriously felt the same way…but im gonna miss this class!