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Switched at Birth…?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The fourth This American Life episode, Switched at Birth, was very interesting. Not only is there a new show on ABC family called “Switched at Birth”, but it was also the episode we were to watch this week. It is absolutely mind boggling and upsetting to me that this really occurs way more than it should (it shouldn’t happen). Granted, we are all humans that make mistakes, but…to be switched in the hospital and go home with the wrong family…wow. In this particular episode, the fact that one of the mothers had an instinct from so early on is crazy. I truly can not even begin to fathom the idea of knowing this may not be my child. And then to find out her prediction was true in the end, I can’t imagine how she felt.

I remember when my little brother was born, as soon as the nurse took him out of the delivery room, my father followed the nurse to make sure 1. my brother was okay, 2. my brother came home with us. For the mother in the episode that knew all along that this wasn’t her daughter. I really don’t understand why she didn’t take further action. It’s not like she brought home the wrong color sweater or the wrong size of a pair of jeans. But rather, she brought home SOMEONE ELSE’S child! and SOMEONE ELSE had HER CHILD. I really don’t know how she could have done it all those years. Interesting This American Life episode this week.

That ‘someone’ surely was not me.

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Rationalize the Killings to get rid of the guilt. That is the line that stuck with me throughout this whole third episode of This American Life, Recordings for Someone. It thought the third act with the Persian/Gulf war Veteran was pretty interesting. I always knew that within a war…ofcourse there is bloodshed and deaths. But to hear the mindset and point of view of a solder, is pretty interesting.

It’s crazy how when one voice message, story, or whatever it maybe that was initially intended for only one person; it actually ends up on the air for hundreds of thousands to listen to. I thought the story at the end was very cute and precious and thoughtful honestly.

This recent TAL espisode was not the most captitaving, while don’t get me wrong. It was definitely memorable, But i think the other episodes just happened to grab my attention more.

Not So Powerless Children

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

When I initially saw this title, Cruelty of Children, I pictured something completely different. I honestly thought this episode of This American Life would have been about cruelty towards children; abuse, domestic violence, etc. But instead, in each story it was a child who had power and controlled the emotions (and with one story-the life) of another person.

The story about the powerless man stuck in the well, is one of the most unfortunate stores I’ve ever heard. It boggles me that these children would not help the man. It’s quite interesting because normally in our society children are the ones that are being dominated. They are being told what to do and how to act in school and at home. So, one would think even in this situation the children would listen to the man when he tells them to go ask for help. He gives them specific directions about what to do. And yet, they don’t go to get help. They bring him food, and talk to him. But they ultimately leave him without any real help.  The interpretation that I can possibly come up with is that the children are so used to being directed what to do. Every question has a pre-determined answer. However, at this time, they decided what to do.

The third story about the way children exclude others, and have a ranking and superiority system even in elementary school is something that really hurts to see. I honestly can not stand to see children be excluded, picked on, bullied, or made fun of. I think the rule the teacher declared was great. Teachers spend more than 8 hours a day on average with their student. Ironically thats about the same amount of time the child spends with their parent. As much as people argue that it is not the teachers duty to teach values and such. Social institutions, especially an educational institution, serves the purpose of teaching and preparing the students for life outside of the classroom. This includes character behavior and life skills.

On this This American Life episode, I was taken by surprise by the content of the episode, but none the less it was very interesting. This was my second episode and I have to say, these are more interesting than I thought it would be.  While I was listening to the first one, I thought I really would not be able to pay attention because I am a more visual learner and by only listening to audio, I didnt think I’d be able to concentrate as much. But with the enthusiasm and the interesting content, This American Life definitely grabs my attention and keeps me interested!

Alumni, Athletics, Alcohol

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

They say majority of party schools have a large population, a football team, a big fraternity life, amongst other factors. I, myself, used to attend a university that did not have a large population, but had a very successful football team, and big fraternity life. The tailgates had more students participating, compared to how many students attending the actual football game. The routine was everyone stays until halftime, and then leave to go drink more and prepare for the night festivities. In the This American Life segment, I saw the exact same patterns. It truly does not really surprise me that this is the atmosphere of the colleges. Girls are dressed more than half naked, people become public urinators, the community gets trashed, and so on.

This American Life did however enlighten me on how much businesses in the area and the community are affected by the college life, drinking, partying, and so on. The business’s profits and customer visits rely on whether or not the school football teams wins. The residents in the community deal with a lot of property trespassing, vandalizing, on top of many other unnecessary actions. One of the fathers in the community was walking around his neighborhood and saw some of the fraternity brothers throwing furniture into the street and then lighting it on fire. To be young and have fun is one thing, but to be reckless, immature, unsafe, and to act is if there is no functioning brain in any of those participants is another.

One of the main concerns with the university was that, every year there is a new batch of freshman that want to experiment and live the same lifestyle as the class before. However, this faces the university staff, faculty, police department, and the community in a predicament. All the lectures, articles, interventions, must be done again. However, in my humble opinion, I don’t beleive it ever gets old. Telling the tragic story of how a young college student lost their life to alcohol poisoning is never an easy subject to casually talk about.